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Who am I?

Tristan CuschieriHello! My name is Tristan Cuschieri, and I’m quite pleased to meet you.

I’m a computer ninja based in Toronto. I’ve been told I have a flair for making short stories ridiculously long. I like to think that was a compliment, but who knows?

I love technology when it works, and I fix it when it doesn’t. I’m constantly leaving notes for my future self, just in case I ever invent a time machine. I’m a Twitter addict, I love to anthropomorphize inanimate objects, and I vow to be the first human to develop a working teleporter (it’s either us or the dolphins).

I also have x-ray vision and fight sharks with my bare hands for sport. But don’t worry – It’s entirely consensual.

I’m an easy going guy who loves life and isn’t hard to get along with. If you’d like to drop me line, do so somewhere on this blog, email me, or say hi on Twitter. I promise, I don’t bite (unless you’re into that).

Thanks for stopping by.