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May 27, 2013

My Favourite Fails

Arm chairs with bad legs and poor explanations
Testicle kicking and springboard destruction
Ninja cat can’t catch the wind in his sails
These are a few of my favourite fails…

Chair Fail

The beauty of this stunning piece is that you can see the realization of what is to come in his face, just after the first leg breaks. From there, it’s only a matter of time…

Explanation Fail

I’ve always been confused by this title, since it seems more like this man wins at life than anything else. And so I continue through life, fiercely believing that this is real, and not some variety show fabrication.

The Shockwave

Why doesn’t Superman do this to more bad guys? A swift kick to the Jacobs would end even the most powerful supervillain, would it not?  In the scientific community, the resultant energy released from such impact is called a class 10 shockwave.

Source video:

Superman Ball Kick

The Sporting Accident

Yes, the man goes flying into a judge’s table. But look at the springboard after he makes initial contact. He just annihilates it.

Source video:

Sporting Accident


Kitties Can’t Fly

The timing is perfect. It’s almost as though the cat was moving perfectly in time with the music. This is perfection.

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