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August 3, 2012


A Tribute To You

You had such an effect on my life. You may no longer be a part of it, but your mark will forever be upon my mind, my heart, and my soul.

The footprints you left in the sands of my life

This is a tribute to you, the lessons you taught me, and the footprints you left in the sands of my life…

We were young. So young. You taught me patience. I learned to let go throughout our games with made-up rules.

We met, and I learned it was possible to make a best friend in sixty seconds. We were so innocent, and then we weren’t, and you were gone.

In an age before I could comprehend vulgarity, you introduced me to it. My innocence started to slip away before I even knew I had it.

You were the first to make my heart flutter. You made it skip a beat when it was largest, and bursting with unconditional love. You drifted away, and revealed yourself once more, ages later. You taught me that people change, and then sometimes they change back again.

You were so transitory, but you made an impression. Thanks to you, I know that sometimes you take the fall for a friend to protect them.

I didn’t want to leave you. We had so much fun together. You taught me to bend the rules, and break them. We were stupid. We were laughing. I’ll never forget you.

You were the greatest. In a time of great change and uncertainty, you extended your hand to me. When so many others were doing so too, I took yours. You gave me a glimpse of true and lasting friendship.

You were a surprise. A great and pleasant mistake. You made me fight, and then you showed me the truth, what I really wanted. You were pain and pleasure, happiness and such dire sadness. Clarity and madness. We destroyed each other, over and over again.

You were a diamond in the rough. I wasn’t ready for you. I wasn’t ready for what you made me feel. Guilt, relief, warmth. You were ripped away from me. You taught me about loss. You taught me to share while I still had the chance. You taught me how to remember.

You offered me a sense of brotherhood at a difficult time. And then you taught me that such things don’t last. I loved, and then I hated. You shocked me, and I learned to stop following.

You made me lose my thoughts, my mind. You showed me great beauty, and great frustration. You made me realize that sometimes it really is just skin deep.

You made my heart race. You compelled me to take a chance. You were my secret. We were damaged, wounded. You showed me pain and insanity. ███ ████ ██ █████ ██. I panicked, you hurt, and then you were gone. You wrote the letter that taught me anguish, and then you were everyone’s memory.

We shared a passion for something beautiful. We were kindred spirits. You were broken, hanging by a thread. I fixed you. You didn’t need me anymore, and I let you go. I moved on, and you flourished. I learned the power of music.

You amazed me. You roped me in, you told me stories, you drove me mad. You lied to me, and you made me lie to myself. You made me feel like everything and nothing, valuable and worthless. You made me think I could do things I never imagined I could. You showed me what I really needed. I learned to forgive again.

You were closer than blood. We laughed and toasted to the future. You showed me a being more flawed than I. You answered trust with deception, and reminded me that there’s a place for the cynic in me.

I lept over buildings. I crawled past hardships. I accomplished great things. I made terrible mistakes. I learned to embrace the bad as good, and the good as great. I am this man, the sum of all these things, and for that, I will always be grateful. Thank you. All of you.

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  1. Nov 6 2012

    I had to read this again because it hits so close to home and the beauty of it is that it doesn’t only apply to one person specifically.

    You should write more.

    • Nov 6 2012

      Thanks 🙂 Each paragraph was actually written with a different person in mind. The secret’s out now…


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